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The time will eventually come in your child’s life where they will move from the cot torest assured mattress, online bed linen their new single bed. This can be a tough transition for many children. So, how can you make this transition easier for your child and yourself?

Cool design:

Get your child involved in the bed buying process. Bring them with when you choose a design. Boys love a bed that is designed like a car and girls love beds with a pretty headboard. If they love their bed they will have something to look forward to when going to sleep. Now days you can choose from a big variety of speciality beds that also adds to the theme of the room. You could also buy interesting and fun duvet covers. I always buy online bed linen as you get more variety from online stores.


In the first year of moving to a big bed as a parent you may worry that a child could fall out. This can easily be fixed, place the bed against the wall and then put up a railing that fits across the open side of the bed. It is also good to note that children’s beds are generally lower than normal beds. This means that they will not get injured if they had to fall off the bed.

Good mattresses:

As a child is developing it is still good to also buy them good quality mattresses. It doesn’t have to be a rest assured mattress but something assured mattress, online bed linen