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The Green lands up north have so many opportunities and activities for you to enjoy when touring there. Here are a few reasons you might want to visit after you book hotel Ireland.

1. Golf

If you’re a pro or amateur golf player to say you’ve played golf on one of the oldest golf courses in the world is pretty impressive. Even if you’re not a fan of golf make it an outing with your fellow tour partners, just think about the amazing whiskey awaiting you at the clubhouse that is older than the mountains. This brings us to the second reason.

2. The  Alcohol

If I say it like that it sounds like a reason for an alcoholic to go, but seriously no. If you appreciate a single malt whiskey or triple distilled you’ll be in whiskey heaven in Ireland. Even if you don’t appreciate fine whiskey the taste of it is out of this world and unforgettable.

If whiskey isn’t your thing maybe beer is. Guinness is just one of the famous ones we know but Ireland has a lot more to it than just Guinness, the widest variety of beer also brewed to perfection.

3. The Pubs

With a close relationship with alcohol the pubs in Ireland is hundreds of years old and still looks exactly the same. A great amount of pubs need to be visited as many of them have more to it than just alcohol, the history the people everything about the pub is appreciative.

4.  Castle Hopping

Ireland is full of castles which some of them are still occupied by royals and other haunted by the previous royals. This is definitely not to be missed when travelling to Ireland; those castles have been part of that country for centuries and have millions of stories that will send shivers down your spine.

Look out for hotel deals Meath and see if you can tick this list off when visiting Ireland.


Many of us where enthralled by the movies based on the gangsters of the 1920’s and 30’s, these men who made their fortunes off the blood, sweat and tears of oth

Many of them ran their organisations with an iron fist. The movie “The Untouchables” could be seen as a vivid depiction of the times. Al Capone who this movie focuses on ended up staying on the top floors of a hotel as many saw this as a place of safety as compared to the suburbs.

The Lexington Hotel

During the 1920’s and 1930’s the city of Chicago was under siege by organised crime. In no uncertain terms the biggest gangster of the time was Al Capone. The top three floors of the Lexington Hotel were reserved for Al Capone. These top three floors served as his place of safety as his life was in danger from Bugs Moran who he had failed to kill him the previous year in what has been called the Valentine’s Day massacre.

The Blackstone Hotel

This hotel also known as “The hotel of Presidents” as a dozen or so 20thcentury US Presidents has stayed here. This hotel however is also renowned for another reason; this hotel was the location for “Crime Convention” hosted by Charles “Lucky” Luciano. The “Crime Convention” was held so as to divide up power amongst the crimes bosses of the time.

The Chelsea Hotel

This hotel is not what you traditionally call a mobster hotel; however the Chelsea Hotel is famous for housing many artists and musicians. This Hotel also began a household name after Dylan Thomas died here from alcohol poisoning.

There are many more hotels that have similar stories to tell, however if you book hotel Ireland you would be privy to the stories of the emerald Isle. Ensure that you have secured your hotel booking Ireland and make use of the many specials that they have to offer.