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Most people do have the occasional hair loss during the day or certain times of the month. Although, if you are losing more than 100 strands a day then you know you are experiencing proper hair loss that calls for attention. Hair loss may not mean that you have a big medical problem, so before you too concerned see if you can identify with any of the possibilities below.

  1. Heredity

Genetics is one of the common causes of hair loss problems in men and women. Usually, from the age of 50 years old, you might experience thinning hair, which may lead to complete baldness as the years go on.

  1. Stress

Stress is the one symptom that you can control. While going through a stressful period you may experience hair loss for a few months, then it can go back to normal. Stress can come in the form of mental strain or also physical stress on your body.

  1. Improper Hair Care

By putting your hair in a tight pony tail or braid your hair too often you will experience a fair amount of hair loss. The other factors include straightening your hair everyday without protection, dying thair loss, thinning hairhe hair too often and using cheap hair care products.

  1. Disease

Some diseases may cause you to have hair loss. These are some to look out for: Lupus, cancer treatment and bulimia. The great thing is that once you have received treatment your hair can grow back again.

  1. Poor nutrition

A diet that does not include all food groups may experience hair loss, especially if a diet lacks protein and iron. Taking a daily vitamin may also help this problem.