As a new driver on the road you will not have the greatest confidence. You can follow these tips in order to help yourself gain confidence as quickly as possible.

Do not be intimidated

Cars on the road generally have no time for new drivers, they are impatient and will most like take over if you drive slow or hoot when you stall. You need to remember to stay calm and not be intimidated by other drivers. Your first priority is to be safe and learn how to be a safe driver. Drive at a speed you feel comfortable, a few days of driving to town and back will bring confidence in no time.

Drive by yourself

Once you have your drivers, spend time driving by yourself for the first time. This will allow you to get a feel for your own driving style without anyone telling you what to do.

Choose the right car

An old car is not necessarily the best car for first time drivers, but neither are huge truck bodies, farm machinery or sports cars. The best choice is a car not older than 8 years that you know is road worthy and safe. You do not want an unexpected break down, especially for a young woman.


Every first time driver needs to have insurance. If it is possible, rather put the car in your parents name and use their insurance as it will be a lot cheaper. It is also important to note that the more accidents you have, the more your insurance premium goes up.

Never drink and drive

No matter how confident you feel after you have had a few drinks, driving under the influence is never a good idea. You are risking the lives of others on the road by drinking and machinery, truck bodies


Step on trending tiles

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Unique style and design of tiles is trending both interior and exterior decorations of mostly all structures. Having a piece of art where you step on or on your wall can generate great ideas in your day to today life. Also it inspires how you live, things around us have got a huge impact on us, sometimes positive changes takes place and we are not even aware it’s the beauty around us that has made it possible. Imagine having to work in in bull painted wall and a plain floor, for me I would be pretty much dull too. Improving your atmosphere aid how you perform.

Tile Africa has an unlimited range of tiles and interior decor designs. Handcrafted in ceramic, porcelain tiles, each of our carved feature tiles, are made to order and exclusively hand decorated to your peculiar specifications whether you want to spice up your patio for those warm midsummer nights or add some elegance to your kitchen tiles with a striking splash back, look no further then  tile Africa.

A Tile for every room

Keep in mind that different tiles suit specific areas of the home, for example, ceramic and porcelain tiles are picture-perfect for high-traffic living areas, people spend most of their time preparing food for themselves, hence they use the kitchen more than the rest of the other rooms, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so give it the transformation it deserves with slip-resistant, durable nano tiles. Not only does it look excellent, it will be more shiny, and colourful. Bathroom tiles also complement the one spot many people frequent, thats why you need to decorate it with quality ot give the room a beautiful finish.

Tiles with science

The nano-technology finish of polished porcelain tiles offers a bacteria and dirt-resistant product guaranteed. We also offer designing, custom carving and colour matching services, as well as customized corporate and commemorative gift tiles.

Change where you sleep, make it a retreat where you are always excited to be. You can make your bedroom you can have polished porcelain tiles because of the light reflecting off the tile surface. By using the same tiles throughout an open-plan area you can create a seamless flow from one room to the next. therefore creating an excellent sense of space in your home.

nce you have had your surgery and you have healed nicely, you will feel better than ever about your body image. Although, it is extremely important to continue exercising, even after a tummy tuck or gastric bypass surgery. Exercising is an important part of the recovery process as well.

I know most people who have had a tummy tuck do not want to hear that the fat can reappear. The bad news ibreast augmentation surgery, gastric bypasss that the only one way to prevent this is continued exercise and healthy eating.

After any surgery is important to get back into your exercise routine, just remember to give yourself the right amount of healing time or you could do more damage. Be aware of the surgery you have had and take care of that specific area, for example if you have had breast augmentation surgery then wear a supportive bra when exercising.

Avoid rigorous exercise for a few months after the operation. Stick to walking, small weights and cycling. If you exercised prior to surgery, your body should recover quicker and be able to get back to running and dance classes in a few weeks.

If any activity causes discomfort, then you have to slow down. Listen to what your body is telling you.

If you don’t exercise after a tummy tuck for example, you will find that the fat deposits finds its way to other parts of your body. This will be harder to remove than just seeing a surgeon.

Keeping your Bride Happy

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I might not be an expert at giving advice on relationships or marriage (so you should reconsider reading this article if you were looking for Dr. Phil kind of stuff), what I do know is that in order for you to be happy, you have to keep your bride happy. There are just some things that you cannot afford to get wrong in the run-in to your wedding. I will be discussing three tips that you can follow in order for you to keep your bride-to-be happy.

  1. Just say YES. Don’t even think of disagreeing with anything your bride is planning for the wedding. Just always remember that you will probably not feel the same about your wedding day as your wife does in 20 years’ time. She will remember all the details and you will probably only remember that your football team lost a crucial title defying match on that day. So just say yes if she wants purple flowers when you actually wanted red ones. Who cares about the flowers anyway? (Except your bride of course).
  2. An engaged woman is kind of like a pregnant one. If she asks you to do her a favor, even if it means going to the designer wedding dress shop, then you better do it. If she wants to go look for designer wedding dresses in Ireland, then you go to Ireland. Of course the groom is not supposed to see the wedding dress before the wedding, but if she tells you to go with her, then you go.
  3. Always remember tip number one.

See, it is not that hard to keep your bird smiling. Just remember that if she is happy, you are going to be happy!

Some people dread the prospect of the winter coming up, for others it is their favorite season of the year. Whatever your opinion may be, you want the winter season to be as pleasurable or bearable as possible. We will look at what you can add to your bedroom in order to spice up the wet and windy winter.

  • Blankets. If you get cold very easily you can never have enough of these. Blankets come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The materials that they are made of can also be of varying sources. Some are furry, some shiny and some just plain cuddly.
  • If you don’t already have at least one in your room then you should consider buying or installing heaters. No-one likes being cold so a heater is the perfect solution to a cold room.
  • A television in the bedroom is not always the best idea as it tends to always be the center of attention, meaning either you or your spouse is going to get less attention in the process. If you enjoy watching television in bed with your spouse and you can still make time to be romantic, then you should get a television in the room.
  • Getting back to staying warm (what winter is all about isn’t it?), investing in an electrical blanket for your bed is a great idea. Getting into a pre-heated (if I can call it that) bed is magnificent. No-one enjoys getting into a cold bed when it is already freezing outside of it.

So go ahead, it is easy to kit out your bedroom in order for you to have a more pleasant winter than usual.

Public speaking does not come naturally to many people, but it is something you can learn to do and learn to do well. Public speaking is used in all aspects of life, whether it is at work, church or a wedding. I am sure we have all heard a few bad speakers in our life, for example those people that talk far too long, mumble or repeat themselves over and over. Here are a few techniques to you become a confident and interesting public and motivational speaker.

  1. Start by telling an interesting story about an experience in your life. Make sure the story relates to what you are talking about. Telling a story can show a certain side of you that they might not have known and you would therefore have a greater influence on the audience.
  2. Make sure you know what result you want out of your audience. It could to be to inspire them, put them in a happy mood, convince them etc. To become an inspirational motivational speaker is hard work. You need to get your audience to act on what you are telling them. You are not just informing them on a topic; you are also telling them how they can get involved and do something about it.
  3. Make use of pictures, graphs, videos or actual live examples of what you are talking about. If people can visualise what you are talking about, they are more likely to concentrate and take in what you are saying with a better understanding.motivational speaker, inspirational motivational speaker

The camping check list

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Camping is a hard game to play only the fittest survive. To make it more extreme camping safaris need a longer checklist as your wild neighbors won’t help out when you forgot something at home. So let’s imagine you are off camping in Kruger National Park. Here are the essentials we mostly forget of:

Even if your flashlight is a bright as daylight now, you never know when it decides to die. So remember to take extra batteries for the flash you eat, drink and sleep with. The survivor of previous camping trips will tell you that canned food are important as you can’t always rely on electricity and the appliances going with it. So that means do not and I repeat do not forget the can opener and also the bottle opener, as you might starve of hunger and thirst.

A multipurpose knife is also essential as you might not know what you will need it for. Eating, tying the ropes of the tents or even killing tonight’s supper. So if you have a nice piece of meat for supper but no fire to cook it on you might not survive so remember the matches. A piece of rope will also be helpful when the tent is not fully operational or when one of the cars breaks down or for a million other reasons.

Then obvious essentials but also essentials that slip the mind when packing, are:

  • Towels
  • Blanket
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Sun Screen
  • Baby Wipes (for the messy eaters and hygienic freaks)
  • Extra pair of socks

If you go camping where it is deserted rather take a first aid kid with as you never know what can happen to you and fellow campers. Band-aids, scissors, safety pins, antiseptic wipes, insect medication, bug repellent, burn ointment and aspirin will be of much help when you’re trying to survive.

Last but not least remember the cooking utensils like plates, cups, knifes, spoons, forks and trashbags. The real last one to tick off is toilet paper.  Now off you go!