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Just imagine… Walking down a dusty aisle towards an old baobab tree where the man of your dreams is waiting just for you. Obviously if you’re a man you see it the other way around. On the one side there’s zebras chewing on the grass, the howling of the jackals at dawn and eagles flying around looking for their prey before the end of day.

An event such as this will make the whole ceremony and reception worthwhile for anyone to attend. Brides go on these farfetched highs when they think everything has to be over the top to impress everyone and then it gets just too much. Simplicity at a wedding will make it unforgettable and stylish. After 20 years when you take out those photos you shouldn’t be ashamed by the fashions of the early 2000’s.

A simple safari wedding can be a fairytale coming true. Using the outside elements and keeping it natural can actually make it extraordinary.   Don’t bring the plastic chairs to your “bush chapel” use either wooden furniture or to maintain the vibe make everyone sit on logs.

Also, don’t leave the beautiful setting after the ceremony. The reception is the part where everyone can talk about the beauty around them. A marquees tent in the middle of the bush field and little picnic baskets can be the cherry on top of this wedding

The sabi sabi bush camp is a great place for guests and the married couple to sleep over. It still feels like you are right in the bush but in the comfort of your own room.  Sabi Sands reserve also has great accommodation for the bride and groom at the night of your wedding. This will make them feel like royals.

Safari weddings don’t need to be over the top, plain and simple is the right way to go. 


To most women the day that they walk down the aisle will probably be one of the biggest and most memorable moments in their lives. Bearing this fact in mind it would then be a foregone conclusion that the wedding day has to be as magical as possibl

e and that the last thing that you would want to happen is for your hair to not live up to your expectations.

The hairstyle that you choose for your wedding day is almost as important as the dress. The reason that I say almost is due to the fact that the hairstyle has to compliment the dress fully. Therefore it is advisable to take your time and try out a few different styles before settling on one. Ensure that the style suites you as often the style you see in a magazine or on television does not suite the shape of your face.


So you finally settled on a hair style now all that’s left is to select the appropriate hair accessories. Appropriate hair accessories not only enhances the overall look of the hair style but will also enhance your overall look on your special day. This additional accessory is sure to distinguish the bride from the rest of the wedding party and guests. These accessories come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, ranging from clips all the way to tiaras and can be made from a myriad of different materials as well.

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The traditional materials for the accessories are usually glass, crystal and diamonds. Other materials can be used to further enhance the look and feel of these items. You could choose to make use of natural accessories; fresh flowers strategically placed to enhance your other jewellery but will also add a more natural look and feel. You could opt to make use of a Tiara, this piece of jewellery by far make the most impact to a wedding gown. The tiaras also come in a myriad of designs and selecting the correct one should not be a rushed affair.

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The fact of the matter is that as brides we have many options available to us with regards to our hair. Unfortunately if your husband to be suffers from male baldness the options available to him to stop hair loss is less and is way more time consuming.