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Toys for men

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Toys

There are some very expensive toys out there for us grownups and I took the liberty of browsing around on the internet to find them. These are toys that you probably can buy or would need to sell your house, car and kids to get it but it certainly would be worth it. If you’re in a mid life crises then you don’t even need any more reason than that to buy these beauties. So let’s begin with our list of very expensive and fun toys to have, since we also need something to let us relax after a hard day’s work.

Water jet pack

For a mere $130,000 you can have this powerful water jetpack that shoots two massive streams of water behind your back to keep you a few decent meters atop the water. This is definitely one of the best inventions that has come to the shops for grown men who enjoy their expensive toys. Just strap on one of these and fly around on top of the water on the beach.

Basic Concepts 3D board game toy

We used to have those old chess sets that you popped out when you had nothing else to do. Now with all of your fancy money you can buy this revolutionary third dimension board game with it’s pop-up technology. Instead of your normal boring 2D games you will have something to show off to your friends which will pretty much impress any technological nerd friends of yours.


Who doesn’t enjoy getting their feet wet and getting away from it all. If you enjoy having something most people have then it’s a yacht. You can get yachts that vary from very many different sizes and luxuries. Some yachts have Jacuzzis in them and others have 4 water ski’s, three jacuzzi’s a helipad, bowling alley,movie theater and three master bedrooms. It all depends on what you can afford, definitely something to think about when you need to get away for a few days.

Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti is definitely a very expensive toy in our eyes, most likely in everybody’s eyes, except the rich and famous of course. There are even designers in Switzerland who laced their Bugatti Veyrons carbon fiber panels with gold strips to make it even more ridiculously expensive. If you have the need for speed then you will enjoy the 413km/h rush this beast has to offer.

If you cant wait to sell your house for these awesome toys you might as well buy these great toys, the imaginext batcave  and anything that ends with lego. You’re never too old to play with these toys and it will most likely have a smaller effect on your wallet (plus you dont have to sell your home)


Lego, what memories

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Lego, Toys
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When I say this I mean of course toys that changed the World for me of course. Toys that when you look back on your child hood you wish you could open your cupboard and have a look, toys like Lego and Power Rangers. They don’t make things like they used to or that could just be because we have grown up now and don’t care for the toys that are out there today. Lego has influenced huge facets of life and there are seldom things that can’t be constructed through the genius that is Lego.

Lego, now this was/is one of the greatest things to ever be created. You have never found someone who at one time or another has not had a love for Lego. This toy has held its own and nowadays is still going stronger than ever with things like Lego Star Wars and Lego City, things I would have bought in my time. The countless hours that I would sit and build, creating castles, ships and wonders that I believed l was living. The building blocks of our childhood Lego will defiantly be the first thing that I buy my Kids when they are old enough.

As a Kid I would find myself addicted and lose myself for hours in a world created in my head, with the help of Lego of course. People the world over have created wonderful constructions with Lego, Lego Land in England is the most famous of these places. An entire park devoted to what Lego can do. As a Kid I was really into the Lego Castle scene, with all the knights, but the amazing thing about Lego is that it really does have something for everyone. If you are a perfectionist, then you can build perfect buildings and have your creations on display, an architect then test yourself to come up with something magical. Rather just play in the moment then you can just do so, if you were like me then it was to create a world that you could escape to and really become anything you wanted to be, a Jedi, a Knight, a Cop or just a damsel in distress, Lego will continue to touch our lives as long as people have imaginations