Exercising after Plastic Surgery

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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nce you have had your surgery and you have healed nicely, you will feel better than ever about your body image. Although, it is extremely important to continue exercising, even after a tummy tuck or gastric bypass surgery. Exercising is an important part of the recovery process as well.

I know most people who have had a tummy tuck do not want to hear that the fat can reappear. The bad news ibreast augmentation surgery, gastric bypasss that the only one way to prevent this is continued exercise and healthy eating.

After any surgery is important to get back into your exercise routine, just remember to give yourself the right amount of healing time or you could do more damage. Be aware of the surgery you have had and take care of that specific area, for example if you have had breast augmentation surgery then wear a supportive bra when exercising.

Avoid rigorous exercise for a few months after the operation. Stick to walking, small weights and cycling. If you exercised prior to surgery, your body should recover quicker and be able to get back to running and dance classes in a few weeks.

If any activity causes discomfort, then you have to slow down. Listen to what your body is telling you.

If you don’t exercise after a tummy tuck for example, you will find that the fat deposits finds its way to other parts of your body. This will be harder to remove than just seeing a surgeon.


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